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 About us...

About us ...

"Voievodul Mircea" High School - representative school of MECTS, has acquired over nearly 90 years of existence a well defined place between the city schools. It is a status earned through work carried to sacrifice of generations of teachers, by the special quality of training students, by daily care to ensure optimal training.

Built in 1923 to host Normal School for Boys "I. H. Radulescu", the material resources will be filled gradually, especially after the School of Arts and Crafts (Industrial School for Boys) moves here, established in 1925. It was an imposing edifice since then, as evidenced by a report of inspection, concluded in 1940: "Near Railway Station, on the beautiful avenue shaded by chestnut and linden alley, the bottom of a manorial garden park, stands a beautiful buildingindustrial school for boys."

This institution will evolve, preparing the workforce for the oil industry, and since 1990 has been increasing diversity of profiles, which was to increase the offer for graduates of secondary schools and training can raise the bar.

In parallel, the school was engaged in many activities designed to meet the needs of shaping and strengthening the natural personalities of young people.

Thus, school group is the only school in the county associated with UNESCO, as it held at least one national action annually, good opportunity for our students to establish links with young people in the country, only recently became the first school in the country supported by International Federation of UNESCO Schools.

Performance achieved in that capacity was established by UNESCO Gold Medal ceremony on the occasion of Final Olympics of Peace (Lome - Togo), as well International Flags of Tolerance. Diploma of Excellence is added, given by C.N.R. UNESCO, for "ten years of intense activity as a representative school of UNESCO associated schools system in Romania", a distinction that rewards effort, talent and dedication of staff from here.

At the initiative of a group of teachers and students, was founded the National Club Foundation "Inheritance Vacaresti" club affiliated with UNESCO.

The school has its own magazine - "We, but otherwise" made number of number of students, almost exclusively.

School students have become constant presence in school competitions, reaching the great performance.

Here are just some of our arguments, which capitalize tradition and prefigure future developments to provide our future partners -students and parents - the ideal toward which certainty.

This is why, following the evaluation made by MECTS Methodology, the school became the representative for the Romanian education unit.

Activities organized or hosted by schools, if we refer only to the last twenty years have been large, constituting a honorable visiting card for the Romanian education.

Headmaster, 1990-2003
(Extract from "Voievodul Mircea" High School Targoviste - Monograph)

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